The 6th Annual Donate Life Walk for Unyts and the Kidney Foundation of Western New York will be held on Saturday, September 24th at Delaware Park. We will be sharing “Why I Walk” stories leading up to the event that highlight the importance of the Walk. If you would like to share your story please email Sarah Diina at

My daughter Macy’s journey began in May of 2007. At the tender age of 5 weeks old she was diagnosed with mid-gut volvulus, and it was at that time that we were told she would need a small intestinal transplant to survive. Our family had heard about organ transplantation but had never known or heard of the transplantation of the small intestine. We were fearful of the unknown but were lead by faith and hope. After 8 months of being on the donor list and just six days short of her first birthday, Macy received her transplant. This journey, as one doctor has said, “comes with peaks and valleys.” When days are good they’re great and when days are bad it’s rough, but Macy and our family always manage to get thru it. We will be forever grateful to the family that made a choice, the choice that saved Macy’s life.

Events like the Donate Life Walk are a way for our family and for others to memorialize and honor Macythose who have given the Gift of Life. It is an amazing opportunity for our Unyts family, donor families, blood donors, living donors and supporters to gather together and raise awareness for an important issue that is so dear to all of us. I walk for others like Macy who are here today because of someone else’s generosity, and I walk to keep the memories alive of those who have left us too soon.

I hope to see everyone at Delaware Park on September 24th to walk and help celebrate life.

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