Save The Dates!


Unyts Annual Donate Life Walk - September 22, 2018
Free Event for students and families. All are welcome to attend and Kick Off the school Year. Come celebrate with us!

Donate Life Club Mid-Year Celebration @ Ali’s Rally Bowling Event - TBA
Free Event. All Donate Life Club schools are invited to this Mid-Year Celebration where you can highlight the work your club has done, gain new ideas, and celebrate the legacy of those who have given the Gift of Life.

Raise the Bar Nomination Due - April 5, 2019
This is a Student Leadership Summit where attendees will be given the tools they need to “Raise the Bar” and bring valuable information back to their Donate Life Club as well as gain leadership skills to carry with them for their entire life.

National Blue & Green Day - Friday, April 12, 2019
April is National Donate Life Month. Be a part of something larger than your school. Help us make an impact by wearing blue and green to help bring awareness about organ, eye, and tissue donation.

Return Receipts - June 28, 2019
Copies of receipts equal to the amount of your supply check and reimbursement of any remaining funds are due by the end of June.


Module 1 – Let’s Get Started!
   This is the 15th Year Anniversary of the Donate Life Club!

   Complete this module by December 21, 2018

A) Form your Club: Recruit 5-25 students

B) Submit Your Club's Roster

C) Participate in Donate Life Club Summit. Join us for a ½ Day Kick Off Event where you and your club members will learn about their roles as Donate Life Club members as well as hear from Unyts staff who will educate them on the most up to date industry-related information regarding organ, eye, tissue and blood donation! Write “Your Elevator Speech” and receive a Tool Kit and assignments for your club. 


Module  2 – How is it Going?

   Steps A-C of this module should be completed no later than January 31, 2019

A) Host a Club Meeting at your school. Invite your Education Representative to a Club Meeting for a Mid-Year Check-in to see how it’s going since the Summit. Students will present their campaign idea at this meeting.

B) Email your Calendar of Events Template with your ideas and dates. This should include your dates and plans for your:

  • Week-Long Awareness Campaign
  • Blue & Green Day Photo
  • and Blood Drive(s)
  • Club meeting dates etc.

C) Request all necessary materials. Submit your Order Form

D) After steps A-C have been completed and approved by your Education Representative you will receive your supply check

Budget Planning Form



Module 3 – Educate Your Community and Celebrate Donate Life Month

      Completed Registry Cards need to be turned in to your Education       Representative no  later than May 31, 2019.
      National Blue & Green Day photos need to be posted on line and sent to your       Education Representative no later than April 30, 2019

A) Donate Life Registry Drive Competition. In an effort to promote a culture of donation. Each Donate Life Club member is asked to talk their friends and families about signing up on the New York State Donor Registry. Each club member is challenged to get at least 5 donor registry cards filled out.

B) Club advisors will collect the completed Registry Cards and return them to their Education Representative. The Donate Life Club members and advisors that collect the most registry cards will be awarded a prize! 

C) Participate in National Blue & Green Day. Take a photo to help spread awareness about the need for organ and tissue donations. Share this photo on line and tag Unyts. 


Module 4 – Save Lives!

A) Set a blood drive date and tier with your Blood Services Representative. Secure date(s) and details of your school drives.

B) Run a blood drive in your school. Your club will be responsible for all aspects of the blood drive including planning, recruitment, pre-drive education, and day-of drive assistance. 

C) Blood Drive Boot Camp. Host a meeting and invite your Blood Services Representative who will educate you on how to best prepare for a successful drive! 

D) Week-Long Awareness Campaign. Educate your school community about organ, eye, tissue and blood donation. Many schools choose to run their FULL mission campaign around their blood drive, however you can run this anytime throughout the school year. 

A-Z Guide
Awareness Campaign Planing Sheet



Module  5 –Share your Heroic Story! 
   Final Presentations should be completed by June 28, 2019

A) Highlight the work you have done. 

  • Secure a date to present to: Unyts staff, School Administration, PTO, local Government Officials OR another group you feel would benefit from learning about the need for donation/ transplantation and blood donation.
  • During this presentation you should explain what your club did to raise awareness about organ, eye, tissue and blood donation. (How did you run your club? Who did you educated?   What was the impact?)

B) Invite your Education and Blood Services Representatives to attend this final presentation.


Return Supply Check Receipts:
Copies of receipts equal to the amount of your supply check and reimbursement of any remaining funds are due by June 29, 2018.  They can be mailed to Unyts Attn:  Maureen Maclefko or e-mailed to  Checks can be made out to Unyts.

Receipt Tracking Form