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ConnectLife: We are committed to educating the community, inspiring donation, and connecting lives.
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America’s Blood Centers
New York State Dept of Health
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ConnectLife Logo Guidelines
If you want to use the ConnectLife logo, we will send you a copy of it - Please do not use Google images. We have various formats including jpg, pdf, eps, ai, and tiff that we will share with you.

Download our ConnectLife high resolution logos and logos and banners for your DLC social media pages here

If you have any questions on which logos would fit best your needs, please reach out to our Graphic Designer, Tricia Vertino at

Formal Versions

The preferred version of the ConnectLife logo is the primary full-color version with tagline. It is composed of the blue gradient interlocking C icon, the navy and light blue ConnectLife wordmark, and the gray tagline on a white background. The vertical and horizontal versions of the logo can be used as needed to best fit the space. 

The grayscale and monochrome versions of the logo should only be used when full color is not possible, or in secondary positions after the full-color logo is used. Only use monochrome versions of the logo when the gradient is not possible.


The ConnectLife logo should only be used without a tagline when it is preceded by the full version with tagline or in instances where space is limited and the smaller characters would be illegible.

Brand Guidelines
The written “ConnectLife” should always appear in copy as one word, with a capital C and L. 

Any designs/products using the logo (ie. poster, tshirts, banners etc.) must be reviewed by a ConnectLife staff member BEFORE printing to ensure proper brand usage. Send a proof of these designs to your ConnectLife Representative or email to our Graphic Designer, Tricia Vertino at
Be sure all your facts are correct and be sure to check for grammatical errors.
Please refer to for additional resources.
Official ConnectLife logo:

Download ConnectLife Logo Files and Guidelines