Donor for Life
Finding and retaining new ConnectLife donors is critical to ensure an ongoing, strong blood supply. ConnectLife created the Donor for Life program, not only as a thank you, but as a way to instill the important habit of blood donation and giving back to our community.
ConnectLife’s donor loyalty program operates on a points-per-donation basis. Donors will receive points for each donation based on type (whole blood, platelet, or double red cell). Points can also be earned in other ways such as holding a donor registry information session or donating on a bonus day.
Benefits of the new Donor for Life Program include...

  • Easy online appointment scheduling
  • A donor profile that records donation history and points accrued
  • Improved communication between you and ConnectLife via e-mail
  • An online store to redeem gifts using the points you earn for donating

Visit to donate blood today.