Third parties sometimes plan and host fundraisers to benefit ConnectLife and support our mission. We appreciate and encourage these events.
To help ensure the success of your fundraiser and help ConnectLife get the most from your efforts, we ask that your group submit a copy of our Third Party Fundraising Agreement, and follow the guidelines below.

  • Third party events should be approved by ConnectLife in advance.
  • Fundraising events and activities cannot conflict with ConnectLife’s mission.
  • Promotional materials (t-shirts, posters, etc.) incorporating the ConnectLife name and logo must be approved by ConnectLife. Press releases must also be approved in advance.
  • ConnectLife cannot take responsibility for any expenses or fees incurred by your fundraising effort or event, nor assume any liability for the event.
  • Those hosting fundraisers must obey federal, state and local laws.
  • Your events should be referred to as “benefitting ConnectLife” or “to benefit ConnectLife,” not “sponsored by ConnectLife.”
  • Donors must be informed if your organization will give less than the full amount of their contribution to ConnectLife. (i.e. “A portion of proceeds will go to ConnectLife.”)
  • Members of your organization should not be identified as representatives of ConnectLife. If you would like a staff member or approved volunteer to participate in the event, please let us know.
  • Please submit collected funds to ConnectLife in a timely manner.

Please direct all questions regarding fundraisers to: Sarah Diina (716) 529-4351 or