DLM_CLSpotlight_Header_Website.pngThe work we do at ConnectLife would not be possible without our team that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to save and heal lives through organ, eye, tissue, and birth tissue donation. That is why we are spotlighting some of our employees during Donate Life Month!


“Brandi has been with ConnectLife for over 10 years and has been in the clinical services department for over five years. As an Eye and Tissue Donation Specialist, she spends her days releasing corneas for transplant. Brandi is passionate about tissue donation and loves working alongside her teammates.”


"Ebony gives a proud smile displaying her Employee of the Month award. Ebony’s team has chosen to acknowledge her for her hard work and dedication by promoting teamwork, positivity, and unity. Ebony’s special contribution to ConnectLife involves (but is not limited to) training of Recovery Technicians, Team Leads, and sheer excellence in recovery skills. Ebony has recovered the longest saphenous vein in the NATION under ConnectLife! We are proud to have Ebony as part of our team here in Albany. It is your dedication that has contributed to our success as a team, Ebony!"


"Tomasina has been with clinical services for 2 years. She began as a Recovery Technician and recently transitioned to our Syracuse Eye and Tissue Inventory and Equipment Coordinator. Tomasina is fantastic at multi-tasking and is dedicated to donation. She ensures our Team Members are provided with all the supplies and instrumentation they need for recoveries for our mission to enhance the lives of others."


"Danielle has worked for ConnectLife for a little over 20 years. She has worked in the Donor Referral Center, the Eye and Tissue Department, and Organ Services. She strongly believe in the ConnectLife mission and considers it an honor and a privilege to work for such a great organization and to proudly serve donors, donor families, recipients, and the community."


“Sara works as a Donor Screening Specialist, and her job is to determine if someone is a potential candidate, upon their passing, to be an eye and/or tissue donor. She enjoys working in her role because she helps give local families some sense of relief that their loved one is helping others and living on through the recipient(s).”