During the first week of February, Burn Awareness Week is observed from February 2nd to 8th. This week acts as a reminder for people about how to prevent burns for themselves and those that they love. It is also an opportunity to talk about the gift of healing that is tissue donation.

Tissue donations help burn victims and burn survivors heal from their physical wounds and often make skin restoration possible. It is because of generous tissue donors that burn survivors are able to heal.

To better understand the impact that tissue donors have on others' lives, hear from Matthew McGillicuddy, Eye & Tissue Technical Trainer at ConnectLife.

Matthew McGillicuddy, Eye and Tissue Technical Trainer

“When I first started at ConnectLife, I did not understand the impact I could have on my community. As a recovery technician, the skin that I have recovered has been used to aid in the healing process of life-threatening burn wounds. These donated skin grafts help to prevent infection and the loss of fluid. In my current role as the Technical Trainer, I train and educate our recovery technicians to recover skin (and all other tissues) so that any funeral arrangements and viewings are still possible. It is rewarding to know that I have been working to facilitate donation and provide such a great service for more than 8 years now.”

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