Thank YOU, WNY!

You're all the sweetest! Thank you to the 2,432 people who donated blood in the month of January during our Perry's Ice Cream promotion. This means that 7,296 local lives will be impacted or saved because of those donors.

Give a Pint, Get a Pint


Donate blood with ConnectLife during the month of January and receive a coupon for a FREE pint of Perry’s Ice Cream. No matter where you live in Western New York, ConnectLife has blood drive locations convenient for you.

Make an Appointment to Donate Blood

Visit to search for blood drives OR you can give us a call at 716-529-4270 and talk with someone from our team to help you schedule an appointment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get some free Perry’s Ice Cream. Make an appointment to donate blood from January 1 – January 30. You have a few options when making an appointment to donate – whole blood, platelets, or double red cells. Find out more about what you can give, here.

The Perfect Pairing

Find out what Perry’s Ice Cream flavor is the perfect match based on your blood type...

Blood Type A- & A+

A little about you
  • You consider things carefully
  • You’re good at hospitality
  • You like to avoid conflict
  • You’re calm in emergencies
  • You’re a hard worker
  • You’re self-driven

Your ice cream flavor: Grasshopper Pie


Blood Type B- & B+

A little about you

  • You’re happy-go-lucky
  • You go your own way
  • You like to play & have fun
  • You’re very optimistic
  • You love festivals & parties
  • You have been in love many times

Your ice cream flavor: Panda Paws


Blood Types AB- & AB+

A little about you

  • You chase your ideals & dreams
  • You’re very creative
  • You’re calm & rational
  • Your private life is important to you
  • You don’t like people interfering
  • You’re calm & frank about relationships

Your ice cream flavor: Northern Lights


Blood Types O- & O+

A little about you

  • You’re very realistic
  • You’re strong in the face of adversity
  • You’re ambitious & goal orientated
  • You have great leadership abilities
  • You don’t sweat the small things
  • You have a strong desire to monopolize

Your ice cream: Fireball



Perry's Prize Package - There Will be 4 Lucky Winners!

Winners will receive...

  • 8 pints of Perry's sent directly to their home (winner's choice of flavor)
  • $50 gift card to Tops or Crosby's (winner's choice)
  • Perry's Ice Cream Scoop

Total Prize Value: $145 each

All you have to do to win is...

  1. Post a photo of yourself on your social media before, during, or after donating blood and tag ConnectLife and Perry's in the post. (Please make sure your post or account is public so we can see)
  2. Follow ConnectLife & Perry's on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Details here.

Congratulations to the 4 Winners!