Beginning July 1, 2018 Unyts, WNY’s only organ, eye, tissue and community blood center, will become the primary provider of blood products for TLC Health. 

Unyts started collecting blood in 2007 and since then has become the primary supplier of blood products for Kaleida Health, ECMC, Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, Eastern Niagara Health and Wyoming County Community Health System. With the addition of TLC Health, Unyts will provide the Western New York region with more than 70% of its blood supply.

It is Unyts’ responsibility to answer the call for blood at local hospitals, and ensure that there is an adequate supply for patients in need. Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood, and over 41,000 donations are required each day to meet this need. The very young, from the tiniest of preemies in a hospital’s neonatal unit, to an elderly patient suffering from a blood disorder, all benefit from blood’s life-sustaining qualities. In keeping blood donation, processing and distribution community-based, Unyts is saving hospitals as much as 30% per unit of blood.  This is needed savings which will be reflected back into patient care and other hospital needs.

Community blood banks concentrate on fulfilling the blood needs of a single region. Often as a result of this locally-driven operation, donation rates rise among the area population and costs decrease on the part of area purchasers. Community blood banks are neighbors helping neighbors – and by giving blood with Unyts you are making sure your family, friends, neighbors and other members of the community have blood available when they need it.

We are asking you to get involved with Unyts today!

Make an appointment to donate at an upcoming blood drive in your community:

TLC Health Network on Friday, July 13th


Unyts is also looking for people to host blood drives and become  volunteers.



If you have questions please contact us at 716.512.7940.