March is National Kidney Month! All month long, ConnectLife celebrated by sharing facts, stories, and more focused on kidney health, kidney donation, and more.


March is a great time to remind yourself how important it is to take care of your kidneys.


Every 10 minutes, another person is added to the national transplant waiting list — and 82% of those people are waiting for a kidney. Still not an organ donor? You've got to be kidney me! Register your decision at
The kidney is not only the most transplant organ, but it is also the most needed organ across the USA.
In 2019, 23,401 kidneys were transplanted across the USA. The very first successful kidney transplant took place over 60 years ago. We have come a long way since then.
What is the HIV Organ Policy Equity Act?
The HIV Organ Policy Equity Act was enacted on November 21, 2013. It calls for the development and publication of research criteria relating to transplantation of HIV positive organs into HIV positive individuals. 
Remember, kidney donors save lives. Donors give hope and give life to those waiting for a lifesaving transplant. To learn more about organ, eye, and tissue donation visit

Kidney Stories of Hope


"It has been over six months since my mother received a kidney, and I donated my kidney through a paired kidney exchange program at ECMC. My mother is doing fantastic since her surgery and has returned to her busy lifestyle.
Last month we went on a fabulous vacation together, enjoying life! I feel no different than I did prior to the donation and the small scars are barely visible. It is truly amazing how people wanting to donate to a loved one but can’t (not a match) can be paired with others in the same situation. The kidney paired exchange program gives people in need of a transplant another possible option. I recommend to anyone thinking about donating themselves to consider this program…I’m so happy I did!" says Laura. ConnectLife first shared Laura and Ellie's story back in August, to learn more about their journey through donation read it here.

Episode 3 of Invisible Threads, Are You Kidney Me?

Still not a registered organ donor? You've got to be kidney me! On episode three of Invisible Threads, our hosts talk about kidney health, kidney disease, and kidney transplantation with Jeremy Morlock and Barbara Breckenridge from the Kidney Foundation of WNY! You'll also hear our answer to a question from our first listener submission.
For our hero portion, we are changing it up a bit. Barbara will share her amazing story 20-years post kidney transplant. Listen to Episode 3 here.