Aldinger,-Ron-9Aug2007_3090web.jpgRon Aldinger has been donating blood since the age of 17, and began donating with Unyts when the Community Blood Service began in 2007. Growing up Ron’s mother chaired many blood drives in Alden throughout the years as a way to support the community. Starting at a young age he would always attend the drives with his mom, so when Ron became old enough it was just natural that he would start to donate.

When he began donating with Unyts Ron would go to the drives at Children’s Hospital where he worked, and the Alden community drives where he lived. At his next blood donation he will have given 21 gallons over the years.

Ron feels strongly that donating blood is one simple thing you can do to help someone in need. He always knew that his donation was needed, and it was automatic for him to donate.  The emotional impact of donation became most evident to Ron during his career at Children’s Hospital, especially when a mother shared that her four year old child needed numerous pints of blood to save his life.

It makes Ron feel good when he donates, and he really loves the social aspect of it as well. He is able to see lots of friends that donate and they all really enjoy it. Knowing that he has been donating with Unyts for the last 10 years makes Ron feel special. He likes that it’s simple, gives him a break from his busy schedule, and the donations are kept local.