Kara Gerlach
Cheektowaga, NY

Kara Gerlach is 26 years old and is in need of a kidney transplant. She was diagnosed with kidney disease in May 2010 and has been a dialysis patient for a little almost 3 years now. Kara will never forget the day her life changed. She was getting some routine blood work done and received a call that it had come back abnormal. Within the next few days she was told that one of her kidneys was atrophic and the other was functioning at about 35%.

Kara goes for treatment 3 days a week, but she also likes to travel, go to movies and hang out with friends. She tries to keep life as normal as normal as possible, and is lucky to have a very close knit family who has been an amazing support system through it all.

In August 2014 Kara went back to school at the University of Buffalo and is studying Biology/pre-med and minoring in French. She wants to become a nephrologist in hopes of helping people of all ages going through kidney disease and dialysis.