Warren Jay Lowe has been suffering from Congestive Heart Failure for over 12 years.  Despite having three different pacemaker/diffibulator devices implanted, his condition has worsened and his doctors at the Cleveland Clinic have told him that his only option is a life-saving heart transplant.

Warren is the loving husband of Lisa and is a wonderful father and stepfather to Nicole (20), Jordan (20), Dylan (14) and Steven (11). He is a wonderful friend to so many. Warren is from Lackawanna and loves his hometown. He has such a big heart and always a warm smile to greet you with. 

 Unfortunately, he is no longer able to work or do many things he always enjoyed as he awaits the call that there is a heart for him.

We are honored to have Warren as part of our Save James campaign to spread awareness or organ, eye, tissue & community blood donation.



Watch Warren's commercial here: 



Unyts’ Save James campaign will motivate the unregistered to sign up as organ, eye and tissue donors. It will inspire conversation among loved ones about organ donation.

The campaign will move those who have never given before to donate blood. It will prompt lapsed and infrequent blood donors to give again.

It will re-energize those who already support Unyts’ mission, encouraging them to increase their efforts.

Mimicking the check-off format of an organ donor signup form, this concept implies that saving someone’s life is as simple and straightforward as checking off a “Yes / No” box—a tiny action with a huge impact. Showing its subjects in their comfort zones, “Save James” presents individuals whom the viewer can relate to in everyday life. Its subjects are fathers, brothers, daughters, best friends, sports enthusiasts, pet owners—they could be anyone you know and care about; they’re dying, and they need organs now. “Save James” puts this crisis in context, with faces and names at the forefront instead of statistics. This prompting the viewer to sit up and take notice of this concept’s direct call to action that is nearly impossible to say “no” to.