For more than a decade, Unyts has partnered with local area high schools to create something special. The Donate Life program launched with five pilot schools and grew to include over 70 schools this year. Each school has developed their own donate life club to help celebrate the message behind signing up for organ donation through Unyts. Every so often, these schools have the opportunity to hold events to further show their dedication. Recently, I’ve been able to go out and take part in these activities while filming to show off the creativity of the kids and counselors. So far, it has been a pretty incredible experience to see what has been put together to celebrate life and Unyts message. A few weeks ago in particular, I went to Frontier High School to attend their Annual Health Fair in which they have multiple activities to participate in and information tables as well. The students had set up an obstacle course, photo booth, bald for bucks, martial arts training, trivia, and of course, a Unyts table. It was absolutely incredible to see the amount of people that took part in participating and it made me wish my high school had done something this spectacular while I was still there. The amount of student and staff involvement was overwhelming, and I hope they continue to keep up such a great event! 

After seeing what Frontier has been able to accomplish, I’m really looking forward to traveling out to see what other schools have put together in support of the Donate Life message. Until the next time, I have put together a short video displaying the fantastic event put on by Frontier and I’ll continue to make more videos as schools continue to put on great events!