Ketzer2.jpgIn 2017, Unyts is celebrating 10 years as Western New York’s only community blood bank. In that decade, tens of thousands of people have donated blood with Unyts. Some donors, including Sue Ketzer, have been with us since the beginning.

Sue chooses to give in order to help patients in need. "Since my blood type is O negative, the universal donor, I feel an added responsibility, because I know it is always in demand," she said.

Donating blood is just an easy way to give back to the community

When Unyts began collecting blood in 2007, Sue was school librarian at Orchard Park High School. "It was very convenient to donate at the blood drives at the school," she recalled.

Sue retired five years ago but is she's still connected with Orchard Park schools and signs up for school blood drives. During the summer, she donates at the Southgate Neighborhood Blood Donation Center. "The staff at Unyts are top notch and always make you feel welcome," she shared.

At a past donation, Sue was excited to be told that her blood would fill a special “baby bag” as part of Unyts’ Pints for Half-Pints program. She learned that her donation was needed for a young patient at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. "I felt good about that," Sue remembered.

"Donating blood is just an easy way to give back to the community," she said.