Amanda Punaro and her baby


When Amanda Punaro was pregnant with her second child, her doctor gave her a pamphlet about placenta donation. She didn’t give the pamphlet much thought at first, but she decided to take a better look at it when she and her doctor planned her C-section.

Amanda really liked the sound of donating her placenta once she learned more about it. “I immediately wanted to become a placenta donor,” she said. “There are no side-effects for me or my baby, so why not? I loved the idea that while giving birth to a new life, I could offer a life-giving donation to someone else.”

Everything went as planned until a few days before Amanda’s planned C-section when she started going into labor and had to be rushed to the hospital. Amanda was very nervous about the early birth and panicked when she realized that her plan to donate her placenta might not go through. “Call Unyts - they don’t know I’m having this baby today!” she told her husband. Fortunately, he got in touch with Unyts right away and a representative was able to get to the hospital in time.

After her daughter Cambree was born, Amanda enjoyed talking to the Unyts representative about how her placenta would be handled and what it might eventually be used for. “My placenta was a part of my body so I think it’s really interesting to know what would happen to it,” she explained. “I wish I could know what it was actually used for. I would love to know that it was really able to help someone.”

Today, Cambree is four years old and her mom wouldn’t hesitate to recommend placenta donation to other moms. “Unless you’re planning on doing something else with your placenta, go for it!” Amanda said. “It costs nothing to help someone else through donation.”


Soon-to-be moms can donate their post-natal tissues, including the placenta, during a planned Caesarian section delivery. The amniotic membrane, the innermost layer of the placenta, can be used to promote healing after eye and dental surgeries. For more information about placenta donation, please visit our website.

If you’d like to donate but your physician isn’t a participating member of the Unyts Placenta Donation program, please contact the Unyts Donor Referral Center at (716) 529-4300 ext. 5 to receive further information.