1 ConnectLife blood donor can save up to 3 lives

IMPORTANT UPDATE: What You Need to Know About Giving Back Through Blood Donation During Coronavirus Outbreak

Donating blood is a simple thing to do that takes less than an hour. Just think, potentially saving the lives of up to 3 people takes less time than it takes to watch a television show.

There are 4 easy steps to blood donation.

  • Registration: Photo ID must be presented prior to donation to identify you at every donation. 
  • Interview: To determine if you are all right to donate we will ask questions about health, travel and medicines. 
  • Mini-physical: Take your blood pressure, temperature and pulse. Take a small blood sample to make sure you are not anemic. 
  • Phlebotomy: Blood donation takes 5-15 minutes.

Find out more about the blood donation process - Click here.

Are You Eligible to Donate?

Look through our Blood Donation Guidelines. 

Have More Questions?

Check out the most common myths about blood donation.

Donor Rewards Program
ConnectLife blood donors can earn points in addition to saving lives. ConnectLife created the rewards program, not only as a thank you, but as a way to instill the important habit of blood donation and giving back to our community. Because blood cannot be manufacturing in a lab, it is critical that ConnectLife finds new donors and keep them coming back.
ConnectLife’s donor rewards program operates on a points-per-donation basis. Donors will receive points for each donation based on type (whole blood, platelet, or double red cell). 

Are you ready to make an appointment to donate blood?

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