While promoting your school’s ConnectLife Club, blood drive or other special event, you may decide to reach out to news media, create posters, make t-shirts, or find other creative ways to spread the word. ConnectLife asks that you keep us involved in the process. This way we can provide support, make sure that audiences are receiving accurate information, and protect the privacy of donors.
We appreciate your support and your cooperation in sharing accurate and up-to-date information about ConnectLife, the donation process, and the importance of giving.

April is National Donate Life Month - does your school want to get involved? We are celebrating exclusively online this year. Get resources and learn more about our 30 Day #DonateLifeMonth challenge! Click here.
Spread the word about your event.
Let us know if you want to contact newspapers or other media outlets about your blood drive or event. We’ll be happy to help.
Make sure that you are using the ConnectLife name and logo correctly (see Logo Guidelines).  

Ask us if you need any images, graphics, handouts, fact sheets, pamphlets or other information. We have lots of great resources.
Allow ConnectLife staff to review any designs or products using the ConnectLife logo (posters, t-shirts, banners etc.) BEFORE you print them.
Contact us if you have any questions. Email our Graphic Designer, Tricia Vertino at tvertino@connectlife.org to review materials you have created or request graphics from ConnectLife.
Share and link back to the ConnectLife website (ConnectLife.org), Facebook (facebook.com/weconnectlife), Twitter (twitter.com/weconnectlife), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/weconnectlife) and LinkedIn (linkedin.com/company/weconnectlife​) accounts.
Please Do Not...
Send out press releases that haven’t been checked by ConnectLife.
Create a new Facebook page with images or materials that haven’t been reviewed.
Invite reporters or photographers to blood drives without checking with ConnectLife in advance.
Don't be afraid to ask us anything. ConnectLife wants to work hand-in-hand with you for successful and accurate marketing of your club and events.
ConnectLife Clubs Press Release Template