ConnectLife Scholarship Application

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ConnectLife Club: High School Scholarship Program

Thank you to our high school partners for supporting ConnectLife and helping to spread our mission across WNY. Because of you, thousands of young people in our community are saving lives. Whether it is through enrollment on the NYS Donor Registry, blood donation to our community blood bank, or awareness building on the need for donation and transplantation, they are having a huge impact on the lives of many.

In recognition of your efforts ConnectLife is once again offering a scholarship program for the 2020/2021 school year.

Scholarship Guidelines:

EVERY school that:
-Holds 2 ConnectLife blood drives
-Participates in monthly webinars
Will receive a $500 scholarship

Scholarship Rules

Your high school shall determine the scholarship recipient(s). We will provide you with an application for students to complete and then ask you to select your winners by turning in a scholarship nomination form. All scholarship nomination forms must be returned to our office no later than Friday, May 21st.

Your high school’s total scholarship award may be split into increments of $250 and awarded to multiple students.

The scholarship recipient(s) must be a graduating senior and an active participant in your high school’s ConnectLife Club and/or blood drives.

The scholarship will be forwarded to an accredited college/university on behalf of the recipient for use toward his/her higher education and applied for the fall 2021 semester.