This program geared towards elementary school aged students, focuses on wellness and maintaining healthy organs. Representatives from ConnectLife will educate students on the importance of caring for your body, the purpose each organ serves, and why people may be in need of an organ. We will then discuss the various ways we can ensure keeping those organs healthy (eating healthy, staying physically fit, not smoking/drinking alcohol). We will also discuss why it is important to take care of your body now.

A ConnectLife representative, along with the student’s participation, will discuss and develop what a healthy meal plan and physical activity for the day would look like. Additionally, by using blood jugs (water and red food coloring), we will discuss who is in need of blood. The blood jugs will show the students how much blood they have in their body, compared to an adult and an infant, as well as how valuable blood is to those who are in need.
*If the school is interested in holding a blood drive for parents, faculty, and staff, ConnectLife representatives will work with the students on developing a donate life campaign. A mini health fair, awareness tables, and marketing campaigns are ways to promote this event.   
If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact Sarah Diina, Senior Director of Marketing & Community Development at 716-529-4351 or submit the form below. 

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