Get answers to all your questions about becoming a donor.

Yes! In the United States there are nearly 124,000 individuals waiting for transplants and many thousands more in need of tissue and corneal transplants. Sadly, an average of 22 people die each day because an organ was not made available for transplant.
Anyone who wishes to donate should enroll as a donor on the New York State Donate Life Registry. Age limitations may apply with some specific organs and tissues, but donor suitability will be determined at the time of death.
To enroll as a donor on the New York State Donate Life Registry please complete the form below. It is also important to discuss your wishes with your immediate family members.
According to law, all hospitals in the US are required to notify their designated organ procurement organization of all deaths and imminent deaths. ConnectLife has a communication center that operates 24/7 to handle referrals from WNY hospitals.
The quality of medical and nursing care will not change, regardless of your decision to be a donor. Donation is considered only after every effort has been made to save the patient's life.
Yes. All major religions publicly endorse donation as the highest gesture of humanitarianism.
Medical technology has provided many life-saving discoveries over the years, but there is still no substitute for blood. In a medical emergency, often the most important element is the availability of blood. Blood donations can help a variety of individuals: trauma victims, surgery patients, premature babies, individuals with anemia, cancer patients and many more.
Anyone who is age 17 or older may be eligible to donate blood. Individuals who are 16 years old may be eligible to donate with parental consent. Learn more about donor eligibility here
Donating blood typically takes less than one hour from the time you arrive until you are ready to leave. In just four easy steps you can help to save up to three lives in our community. Registration: Photo ID must be presented prior to donation at every donation to identify you. Interview: To determine if you are ok to donate we will ask questions about health, medications and travel. Mini-physical: Take your blood pressure, temperature and pulse. We will also take a small blood sample to ensure that you are not anemic. Blood collection: Whole blood donation takes between 5 and 15 minutes. Automated donations, platelet and double red cell, can take longer.
ConnectLife is WNY’s ONLY community blood bank. We collect, process and distribute blood locally to help local patients in need. Since 2007 we have been the primary supplier of blood products for Kaleida Health, ECMC, Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, Eastern Niagara Health and Wyoming County Community Health System.