1 ConnectLife blood donor can save up to 3 lives

Less than one hour of your time can save up to three lives, right here in our local community. How? All blood donated through ConnectLife stays local, right here in Western New York.

COVID-19 & Blood Donation

Have questions about donating blood during COVID-19? We have created a FAQ series just for you! Watch here.

Blood Donation Basics 

The Blood Donation Process

What Can I Donate?

Blood Donor Guidelines 

Prepare For Your Donation/Iron Info

Am I Eligible? 

Blood Donation Myths

FDA Eligibility Changes

16-Year-Old Consent Form

Become a Donor

Book an Appointment

Where Do I Donate?

Blood Promotions/Perks

Are you ready to make an appointment to donate blood?

Visit ConnectLifeGiveBlood.org to make an appointment OR call our team at 716-529-4270.