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You have the power to save lives & make our day! This is what our donors have to say about their blood donation experience with ConnectLife.

ConnectLife Blood Donor Testimonials

"I just want to say my first time giving blood (years ago) was the most painful excruciating experience. It took me until today at the Cattaraugus County Building with ConnectLife's Jillian to have a phenomenal experience. Because of her, I will donate again!! Thank you!❤️" - Angela L., April 2021

“As always the staff is top notch! Friendly, professional and painless! February is my birthday, my niece, and my sister- we are all days apart but different years- they had to copy me! Lol - we always go together and give blood. This time they all sang happy birthday and gave us a cookie and brownie cake! We will continue to donate!” – Michelle M., February 2021

“Lindsay is the best. She makes even the most squeamish person feel ok about giving blood. Stop in and save lives, all the blood goes local too.” – Thomas F., January 2021

“Today was my first-time donating blood. I had a 12:30 appointment, and the staff was ready for me. Dominique took care of me from start to finish. She was awesome! Very friendly and professional. I filled out some forms then went to the chair. Dominique did a great job inserting the needle, I hardly felt a thing. It only took a few minutes, and I was done by 1:10. I will continue to donate blood, so I can help someone out who might need it.” – Sandy Z., September 2020

“Donated with ConnectLife for the first time, best donation yet! So kind and helpful through the whole thing!” – Kate E., March 2020

“Kind, compassionate; this was easy and pain free.” – Anne A., March 2020

“The staff that was at a recent blood drive at Pine Hill Fire Department in Cheektowaga were a pleasure to work with! Shout out to Ashley, Brittney, Tammy, Paula, Matt and Melanie for helping us to exceed our goals and making it a fun experience for everyone!” – Connie C., February 2020

“The staff was great! Very kind and thoughtful! It was the best experience donating blood I've ever had!” – Cheryl G., August 2020

“Been donating blood here for the past four years and always have a great experience. Everyone is always kind, courteous and professional.” – Ian M., July 2020

“Donating blood is your civic duty, and your responsibility to your neighbors. I give blood regularly, and really wish this was something that everyone did. There would be no shortages if everyone donated. The location is convenient, the hours are great, and they accept walk-ins. They are friendly, the place is clean, and they are incredibly accommodating. They have blankets for you, and the TV is on, and they have a ton of snacks and let you have as many of anything they have. I have never had a bad experience from them trying to find a vein- they do it perfectly every time. I tried to donate platelets once, but my blood was clotting too quickly, and it did not work out. They did their best and made me comfortable- but when it was not working, and started to hurt, they quickly abandoned the procedure, and made sure I was OK. After that, I went back to donating regular whole blood. They are always thankful, always friendly, and it is a joy to go donate there. I urge everyone to go donate blood if they are able to!” – Lara M., March 2019

"The team on the bus were all awesome and made you feel so welcomed. Great conversation and eased my fears as a first-time donor. Katie and everyone on the team today rocked!" - Jessica B., May 2021

"Was a wonderful experience. Everyone was kind and friendly. They went above and beyond to make sure everything was great. My son went and donated for his first time and again everyone went above and beyond to make sure his first donation was seamless." - Jessica B., May 2021

"Everyone was kind and patient. I was nervous, but they were fantastic and it was an easy quick process. Thanks to the staff! They were amazing." – Heather G.

"I love the fact your blood donation stays in the community. That’s why I donate." – Renee M.

"I know the need is always great and urgent for people who need it, so donating platelets as often as my schedule allows makes me feel good. I like to put good out there in the world, which is needed now even more than usual in these stressful uncertain times of the pandemic." – Donna C.

"Super quick and friendly service! looooved my phlebotomist. Everyone on the bus was wonderful!" – Rebecca D.

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