MarksJoeJoseph G. Marks, Jr., of Wheatfield, known to friends as "Big Joe," became a donor upon his passing on July 1, 2012. This remembrance was shared by his wife, Kathryn.

Joe was 6’5”, so he easily towered over everyone in a room but that was no comparison to the size of his heart. Joe was the kindest, most gentle person I had ever met.

MarksWeddingJoe was a huge sports fan. He loved his Buffalo Bills, Sabres and the Cleveland Indians. In fact, we named our puppy Slider after the mascot for the Indians.

Joe was always the person who could make you laugh. He was so funny and had this laugh that would make you laugh even harder! His jokes turned in to five-minute stories that had you hook, line and sinker.

Joe would do anything to make sure everyone else was taken care, part of the reason why I was the luckiest wife on the planet. We had the greatest years of our life together and I miss him beyond words. But, I've never been more proud of a choice he made by being an organ donor.

Every year on the anniversary of his passing I ask our friends and family to go out and commit a "Random Act of Kindness." It's something to keep his spirit alive and it takes a little of the sting away on that sad day. We've had friends make donations, adopt an abused animal, pay for others’ coffee, but my favorite is all the friends and family who signed up to be organ donors because of my husband’s selfless act.

Marks Combo

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