Shared by his mother, Donna

Jon Patterson HeroJon was born in 1985. He was a big baby, 9 lbs. 6 oz. He had beautiful blond hair, blue eyes.

Jon was born with a rare metabolic disorder and his sister Rebecca had died the year prior with the same issues. When I brought Jon home from the hospital, where he lived for three months, I wasn't sure if I could be the mom that he needed. I wasn't sure if I could love him, knowing that he would not live to be an adult, but I was wrong.

Jon grew up in a loving home with his dad, me and his sister Kasie. Jon had the greatest smile and could talk with his beautiful blue eyes. Jon did more than he should have, due to his loving family pushing him to do things. I feel that by doing this, Jon lived a longer life than he should have.

He rode on merry-go-rounds, went sleigh riding and took trips. He loved Mandi and Butchie, our two dogs that loved him up.

When we moved back to the Buffalo area, Jon was with more family members, which was good for all. Jon went to Maryvale school, which he so enjoyed.

As Jon grew older, his sister and I decided that he could have even more fun by moving into Heritage Christian Services. This is a wonderful organization where I work as a medical liaison. Jon lived with five other gentlemen. He had his own room, a built-in swimming pool and staff that loved him dearly.

One morning, I received a call from his home, stating that Jon was not good. He was transported to Children's Hospital. I knew in my heart that it was Jon's time.

Many of the staff and some family members were there to be with Jon. Jon passed away peacefully.

I am glad that Jon was able to help people through his donation through Unyts. He now is an angel and I miss him so.

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