Frederick Garrasi III became an eye donor upon his passing on May 3, 2013.

This remembrance was shared by his parents, Fred and Renee.

Freddy was a proud big brother, the oldest of three children. While of course he and his sisters had the typical sibling fights and rivalries, they were incredibly close and the best of friends. Freddy would do anything for his family and friends.

He grew up in a family that taught him the importance of kindness and compassion. Freddy carried those traits of kindness and compassion into his work at Claddagh Commission, Inc, working in group homes for the developmentally disabled. The individuals that Freddy worked with grew to love him as family, as no matter what their ability level, they were able to sense his love and compassionate understanding for all people.

Garrasi combo

While working for Claddagh Commission, Freddy pursued his dream of becoming a police officer. At only 23 years old, Freddy became a full-time police officer for the Evans Police Department, realizing a long time dream. In his short career as a police officer, Freddy was recognized as a strength to the department, and commended for his compassionate completion of his police duties.

Garrasi-soccerOutside of work, Freddy’s passions involved athletic thrill seeking. He loved soccer and physical fitness. He took sixth place in the men’s decathlon his first year of college, having never competed in many of the events before. He also loved his motorcycle. Freddy also obtained the honor of being an Eagle Scout.

Freddy was a fun loving guy, and could easily be described as the life of every party. He was a loyal friend, and was always there for his family and friends whenever he said he would be. He was someone people could turn to at any time, and was really there for those that needed him. After he passed away, many people described Freddy as their “best friend” and that is because he truly treated everyone with the love and respect of a best friend. He really made everyone feel as though they were important to him.

Freddy could also be described as a goofball, always ready to lighten the mood with a joke or some silly antics. Of course he was serious when he needed to be, but he never failed to bring a smile to someone’s face when he could.

His kindness and his giving nature were not limited to his friends and family. As a teenager, Freddy sponsored children from Compassion International, for schooling, food and medical expenses.

The Frederick Garrasi III Memorial Fund has been established to provide two scholarships in Freddy’s honor to graduates of Lake Shore High School, which Freddy attended. One scholarship is awarded to a student pursuing Freddy’s passion of law enforcement. The other, the Compassionate Mentor award, is given to a student who exhibits Freddy’s traits of kindness and compassion for others, and makes an impact in the local community with those traits.

In honor of Freddy, Nick Charlap's ice cream stand of Angola has named his favorite sundae after him, called the "Freddy Rocks." With each purchase of a "Freddy Rocks" sundae, a portion of the profit goes toward the scholarship fund in memory of him.

Not only did Fred love soccer, swimming and diving, he loved track and field. Therefore, we hold an annual 5K run in his memory. All proceeds made at this event also go into the Scholarship Fund at Lake Shore High School. In the town of Evans on Route 5, we've adopted a highway in his name.


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