Hickey-KKevin Ryan Hickey became an eye donor upon his passing on January 31, 2014. 

This remembrance was shared by his mother, Michelle Hickey.

Kevin was an amazing young man whose life was ended way too early. He was born with a damaged autonomic system that affected many parts of his body. He could not walk or talk and suffered seizures on a daily basis. But he loved life and had such a contagious smile that could make anyone's day a little better. He touched many people's lives...I myself did not realize how much until the last twelve days of his life, when a family member set up a prayer page for him on Facebook and I began to really understand all that my son did for all of us. He loved everyone... family members, his pets and his friends. He loved paying with toys, being with people and seeing the start of a new day... He was an inspiration to everyone that knew him.


Though Kevin had many disabilities and some days were very tough for him, he had a smile every day when he got up and every night before he went to bed. His last 12 days of his life were very difficult but he handled it with grace and dignity. He did not want to see his family suffer and he held on for quite a while. He was a fighter and truly is my hero.


I was not sure about donation at first. It was not a decision that I could ask Kevin. But I did know watching him struggle throughout his life, I wanted to be able to help others. I know that is what Kevin would have wanted. He had the most beautiful blue eyes in the world that sparkled with life and love, knowing that someone is know looking through the world through his eyes is such an amazing tribute.

I honor Kevin's memory in many ways. I light candles in church, I go to Masses for him, but I also talk to him, hoping for a sign that he is watching over me and his sister. He is not suffering anymore...for the first time in his life he can walk, he can talk, he can do all the things he was not able to do.


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