Cassandra “Cassie” Blair of Alden became an organ donor upon her passing in February 2013.

Her mother Jackie Jurek shared this remembrance.

Cassandra Mary Blair was born on March 31, 1992. She was the only child to her father and mother but had two half-sisters and a half-brother on mom’s side that she lived with and a half-sister and step-sister on dad’s side. Cassie was witty, intelligent, independent, compassionate, loving, beautiful, kind, and big hearted.

Cassandra was a sponge when it came to learning. She loved to read, write and draw. At three year’s old, Cassie would read me her favorite bedtime story, The Color Kittens, she was writing her name and everyone else’s shortly after. In Kindergarten, she was in a co-taught classroom and the teachers at the ten week parent conference told me that they were worried because Cassie would write in circles on her papers whenever they had a writing assignment. It wasn’t long that they figured out that she was being so creative because she was bored. They then put her to work as a helper for those that were struggling with writing and she flourished but more importantly her classmates flourished with her help.

Cassandra was full of life and love for everyone. She loved to make people laugh with her one-liners. Cassandra loved music and dancing. So much so, that her and her sisters would hold concerts for their family after a night of practicing at grandma’s. The band name was CCS and replicated after their favorite Spice Girls. CCS would entertain family for years.

Cassandra was beautiful in every way, her inner beauty was what people loved about her most. She loved to “save” animals and had many family pets because she knew her mother also had a soft heart and she would give her a story about this animal she “found” and that it needed love. She would always help her grandparents do whatever they needed help with. She taught her siblings so much. She was always there to help them with their homework, get them a snack or to dance the night away. Cassandra was always the first to offer a hand. One time, she had just witnessed a very bad accident. A delivery truck had run a stop sign and the car, with the right of way, had flipped a few times and landed on its roof. A little girl was in the car but not too hurt. She had been riding with her grandparents who were not in good shape. Cassie stayed with that little girl consoling her until help arrived.

Cassandra’s love for reading and writing also gave her the ability for language. As a young teenager, she defended the victim, befriended the loner and always tried to make others feel and know they were special. Cassie accepted everyone for exactly who they were. She was never one to judge. She was able to find the good in anyone even if it seemed there wasn’t any.

Cassandra knew the importance of today because after losing her father at five years old in a snowmobile accident she never wanted anyone to leave feeling that she didn’t love them. Cassandra would never leave without giving you a kiss goodbye and saying she loved you.

 Even throughout the young adult years when arguments sometimes ensued because she was searching for her own independence. She could be madder than a hornet at me but she would never walk out of the house without kissing me goodbye and telling me that she loved me.

Cassandra had a dream of being a lawyer or paralegal. She wanted to defend others’ rights and do what was best for other people. Cassandra passed away at 20 years old. She had so much more life to live but God had a different plan. It turns out Cassie was still helping others through her death. Four people’s lives were changed from a conversation that she and I had weeks before she passed away. During the holidays, I was watching a lifetime movie about organ donation. Cassie asked what I was watching and I told her. I said to her that I didn’t know if I could be a donor and she looked at me and said, “Really? I would, I don’t need this ‘stuff’ when I am gone.” I had no idea that our conversation would make all the difference in four recipients’ lives just a few weeks later. On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013, Cassie left our world. Valentine’s Day…a day of loving, showing love and being loved.

There is so much more that I could share about Cassie and how amazing she was. The most important things that I want others to know is how she loved humanity and that she continues to share her love with all of us. One of Cassie’s favorite quotes and one of her many tattoos read, “It matters not how long a star shines, what’s remembered is the brightness of its light.” Cassandra’s light will live in our hearts forever.


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