Kaylin Sheri Quarles was only 4 months old when she passed away from SIDS while at daycare. Her mother Kennetha J. Quarles, MWBE Compliance Analyst at ECMC, was rushed to the hospital by police and a short time later was told that her daughter had died. After Kaylin was pronounced, Kennetha was approached by Unyts about donating her daughter’s eyes. Kennetha said yes and made the decision to donate Kaylin’s eyes in the hopes of making a difference in someone else’s life.

Kaylin’s birthday is in February and July 2nd marks 21 years since she passed away. Kennetha often wonder who is seeing the world through her daughter’s eyes. She knows they went to two different infants in different cities.

Kennetha would like the community to know how important it is to make decisions and have discussions about donation prior to tragedy striking. It can be very difficult to make a decision like this while comprehending the extreme sense of urgency. Kennetha is a proud donor mom, and she will be forever grateful for the amazing gift Kaylin was able to share in death.

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