Lori Lambeth, Living Kidney Donor

As told by her sister Denise Dolce


My big sister Lori is 3-1/2 years older than me. She is married with children and lives in Norman, Oklahoma. She is the most giving, loving, caring person that I know. Lori insisted in donating her kidney to our Mom, even though our Mom was worried for her to do that. Lori went through 9 months of testing before they would approve her for the surgery. The minute they put Lori's kidney in our Mom it started working great! The kidney worked for 20 years and Mom had a fabulous second chance to enjoy life with no dialysis.

IMG_0360_web.jpgSadly our Mom passed away August 2, 2017. She had gotten sick again and decided to stop her dialysis treatments because she was suffering too much. We live each day as we talk about our Mom and our family and what awesome memories we have and how blessed we are. The donation that Lori made to our Mom made us see firsthand what the gift of life really means. You can't fully understand until you are involved in it or someone close to you goes through this.

Lori is still alive and just celebrated her 60th birthday March 23, 2018. She LOVES music and is very much a peace maker. Her favorite things are Italian food, family, playing cards and dancing. Lori worked in the restaurant business for 30 something years, and is now in the Health Care Service business working at a doctor's office.

Thank God for these blessings!

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