richardradwan2.jpgRichard Radwan is often described as “one in a million.” Not many had a personality such as his. He was a father to seven children, and a Papa to three grandkids and four dogs. His favorite thing to do was decorate for the holidays, and turn his home into a home like no other on the street. He loved hands-on activities such as building model cars with his sons and working outside in the yard during the summer building gardens for his girls to enjoy while blasting the radio. His absolute favorite thing about the summer was participating in an annual car show that he and his son (whom he nicknamed “Ralphy” from his favorite movie “A Christmas Story”) spent the weekend bonding over. When he wasn’t outside finding a new project to take on, he was usually laying down trying to take a nap watching “MASH” or “Leave it to Beaver.” After waking up from his nap, he would go for a donut and a Coca-Cola only to find out they were gone. Then he usually spent about ten minutes arguing with his youngest son over who ate the last of his donuts or who left the empty bag of his favorite candy, Swedish fish, for him to find. Anyone who knew our father knew that he LOVED his sweets.


We hope that people who think of our father think of his “never give up” attitude. When he wanted something done, he wanted it his way and would do anything necessary to get it to that point even if it meant working on the same thing for three days straight. He could take any piece of junk from the curb and turn it into something beautiful. He had such a creative mind and never took things for how they were. If it was broken, you could count on him to fix it and make it into something even more beautiful and better than it was before.


In honor of our father we have many of his favorite items from his home that we display to remind us of how creative he truly was. We speak of him daily and in any situation we aren’t sure how to handle we think, “what would dad do?” Some of us have tattoos of his signature so a piece of him will be with us forever, and we as a family plan to add him as a reason for participating in the Unyts Donate Life Walk every year to keep the memory of our father alive.

Our father’s donation helped our family during our grieving process. Our father was someone that could help anyone, in any situation. It made us feel at peace knowing that even though he wasn’t around to help us in sticky situations anymore, he was still able to do what he did best and help someone when they needed it the most.

A quote from our father’s hero: “Some of it’s magic and some of it’s tragic, but I had a good life all the way” - Jimmy Buffett


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