Story as told by Kevin's mother, Kathy Lohr-Mead (Schneider)

Kevin was loved by all. He was a wonderful son, grandson, nephew, and big brother. He was most proud of being a father to his son Hunter, and he was a devoted father! He was also a Christian and gave his heart to Jesus when he was young. 

Some of Kevin's favorite things to do were reading, playing video games, hunting with his grandfather, and watching movies. He worked for UPS as a driver, and before that was in ROTC and the Air Force for a few years.


Kevin loved life. He loved his family and his country. He was a friend to many and would help anyone out if it was in his power. He never held a grudge. When he got his driver’s license while he was in the Air Force he became an organ donor.

While sitting at a stoplight one Sunday morning on his way to the airport, Kevin was hit by a drunk driver. This terrible tragedy took Kevin's life just one day before his 27th birthday. 

When Kevin was in the hospital and was pronounced brain dead we asked about organ donation. Because he signed his license it was something that was official. Many of our family and friends decided to become organ donors in Kevin's memory. He lives on in not only the life he lived but in his death. We take Kevin with us in spirit in all that we do. We blow kisses to heaven and we thank God for the time we had with him. We share his story!

To honor Kevin’s memory, we contribute to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). We have done candle light vigils and walkathons. When I told Hunter that his daddy died and went to heaven I told him that his daddy saved the lives of six people and maybe even more. I told him his daddy was a hero.


Organ donation has given all of us purpose in death. We know that our souls that are the essence of us goes to heaven. What is left, including our viable organs, can go to someone who needs it to continue to live. Our son will always be our hero! We hope to instill in others to do the same.

- Kathy Lohr-Mead (Schneider)

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