Story as told by Hannah's mother, Sue

Hannah had such an amazing spirit. She was kind, insightful, and wise beyond her 23 years.

People tell me how she changed their lives simply by being a part of it. She had a very positive outward energy in spite of her own internal struggles. She had an amazing and beautiful heart. She inspired others to keep trying and never let pitfalls get the best of her. Hannah truly was just a beautiful soul and a blessing to have in our world.

Hannah Kinkaid and friends

Hannah worked hard to become an LPN at the age of 20. She was halfway through her RN program when she passed away suddenly this past July. She loved animals, especially her cats Charlie and Jellybean. She loved camping with family and friends, tattoos, wine tours, and hanging out.

Hannah Kinkaid and friends

Our family didn’t know she had signed up to be an organ donor…but we weren’t entirely surprised knowing her giving nature.

After her passing, Hannah was able to donate her corneas, bones, heart valves, and tissue to help others in need. She is the definition of a true hero. Some people are angels that aren’t meant to stay here long…but she certainly made a difference with the time she had.

Hannah Kinkaid and family

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