Randy Mott and his four children

Story as told by his wife, Tiffany

Randy and I were married for 20 years; he was an amazing father to our four beautiful children ages 20, 18, 11, and 8. We have a granddaughter now that was born December 26, 2019, whom he unfortunately didn’t get to meet, but was so excited to.

Randy Mott and kids

Randy was an incredible hard worker, he always put all he had into everything he did. He worked for the City of Watertown Water Department for 19 years as a light equipment operator. Some of his favorite things to do were to hunt, play ping pong, and play the drums.

He was very active, healthy, and loved spending time with our kids teaching them things. He was quiet, good-natured, and he had a huge heart. He always wanted to help everyone, no matter what it was. He put everyone else’s needs before his own. He always wanted the best for us, for our family.

Years before his death, Randy decided to become an organ donor after he realized that he could potentially save someone’s life or improve it in some way. Which we had hoped would be in the very far away future. Tragically, he passed away on December 9, 2019.

Randy and Tiffany Mott

He was able to donate corneas, tissue and bone, heart and lungs, kidneys, split liver, and pancreas. I was told his heart and lungs were donated to the same person. It is all very overwhelming to me. I hope to someday meet the recipients and be able to hopefully hear his heartbeat again. I hope his story helps inspire others to become donors. It gives me and my family some comfort knowing a part of him lives on out there somewhere, that someone was given a second chance at life or an improvement in their life because of him.

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