Kathy Radwan Hero of the Month Oct 2021

Story as told by Kathy's daughter, Sarah

Kathy Radwan was a loving and devoted wife to her late husband Richard, mother to her seven children, and “gramma” to her four grandkids and five “granddogs.”

She was adored by her many nieces and nephews, and their children as well. She was the relative everyone looked forward to seeing at family gatherings.

She started working at a very young age and continued to do so until being diagnosed with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, in 2006 and immediately being pulled from her job. From there, Kathy was placed on a continual nasal oxygen, but she never let that stop her.

Kathy Radwan and grandchildren

She was faced with many hardships throughout her life, and this was just another added to a very long list. The best thing about her was she always kept a smile on her face and never wondered “why.” From her perspective, this was her life and there was nothing better than it. She continued to be an active mother even after her diagnosis. 

Kathy enjoyed cooking dinners for her children to come home to (most famously, her meatballs). She always had a hot meal ready for us, even if it meant cooking three dif-ferent meals in one day because she had picky-eater children. She loved to watch TV, her favorite show being Roseanne, and spent many nights curled up on the couch watching the week’s newest episodes with her daughters and dogs. 


Another one of her absolute favorite things to do was to take a stroll across the street to her sister Pat’s house, gossip about whatever they could, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee with her best friend and “coffee buddy.”

Occasionally she would switch from coffee to a glass of wine and her daughter Katie would yell at her to “get home.”

More than being a mother, Kathy absolutely loved being a grandma and would soak up every minute she had with her grandkids, Abigail, Phillip, Dylan, and Maxwell. Even on her worse days, she would have Dylan bring her the ingredients to make his favorite cinnamon toast for breakfast and she would always sneak Maxwell a cookie or two.

One of the most important things Kathy was able to teach her family was that you could never spend too much time with one another. She created a very strong bond that we still, and will always, hold close.

Kathy Radwan and her husband

We hope that when people think of Kathy, the first thing that comes to mind is her strength, determination and the overwhelming amount of love and support she provided. We hope people remember that through it all she was an optimist, and that people can apply that mindset within their own lives.

We hope she’s always remembered for her outgoing personality, her devotion to her family, and her determination to live a happy life. Her donation gave our family a sense of pride because donation was always something she’d hope to do. She always joked that she was “too sick” and “they would never find anything to use from me.”

We were thrilled when we received the letter in the mail, as this was something we knew she wanted to be part of. She spent her entire life caring for others, it was no surprise she wanted to continue doing that in death.

In her memory, some of her children have tattoos of final words and moments that were spent with her, a memory they will cherish and carry with them for life. She will be added to our reason to support ConnectLife and an additional hero we will honor at the annual ConnectLife walk. She is spoken of daily on multiple occasions and will continue to live on in our memories.

She will always remain just as close to us now as she did our entire lives.

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