Story as told by Kenzie's mom

Kenzie loved to make people laugh and cheer them up when they were down by telling jokes or acting silly. She also loved to help people, spend time with her friends and family, have slumber parties, and she especially loved all animals, including horses. She was well known for her love for the country artist, Luke Bryan.

She loved beating me at backgammon, and she was getting pretty good at it, too! Kenzie loved being an aunt to her niece Maci. Kenzie was simply developing into a wonderful young woman.

She was becoming the bargaining queen; when she would go to yard sales and flea markets, she loved getting bargains and would get so excited when someone would give her something for free because she was cute. I remember the excitement in Kenzie’s voice when she would say, "Mom, guess what!" and then tell me all about it.

Kenzie with niece

On November 10, 2020 Kenzie and some of her friends walked to the store down the road from our house. On the way back three of the girls were hit by a vehicle.

When we were told at the hospital that she was brain dead, it was devastating. As a parent you think about donating your own organs, not your child's, it is not supposed to happen this way.

“I was not an organ donor, never thought much about it really. When the reality of my daughter's condition sunk in, an overwhelming feeling came over me, something said donate her organs. If she wasn't going to make it then she could live on in someone else. I have no doubt in my mind that this is what she would want, that's how she was.” – Kenzie’s mom

On November 12, 2020, Kenzie was removed from life support, with her family by her side. Initially there were three people that were ready to receive some of Kenzie's organs, unfortunately they were too damaged to be transplanted.

Instead those organs will be used for education, Kenzie will be a teacher. Her corneas went to two people to help with their vision. Her heart valves and tissues will also be used to help people. She would be so proud that she is continuing to help people. She truly is my hero.

MacKenzie and dog


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