Story as told by Rob's sister, Sara

Rob was from a large family of siblings, cousins, nieces, and nephews. The love he had for all his family and friends, especially his two daughters, Bailey and Quinn was special.

They were his pride and joy.

Rob was engaged to Karol and together they enjoyed the outdoors and were avid sports fans. He was an unwavering Buffalo Bills fan who loved to remind his Patriots-loving fiancé that Bills fan were the most loyal out there.

Rob enjoyed his time coaching little league sports and sharing both his talents and love for the game with the kids. Behind the larger-than-life man covered in tattoos there was more heart, soul, and love than met the eye. All he ever wanted was to be on top of the world and that is just where he is - our superhero Double RR.

His loyalty and love for his family was the driving force that led him to register as an organ donor. Even in his absence, he wanted nothing more than to love and protect his family. 

Rob passed away suddenly, and I was notified there was no brain activity. Walking into the hospital to make end-of-life decisions was heartbreaking. I was met by Alicia from ConnectLife who shared that Rob had taken the time a few years back and completed his wishes to donate through the National Donate Life Registry. I was in awe that a young, healthy man selfishly thought of how he could help others in his absence. 


The process seemed like forever as I prayed that matches could be found for his organs. With regular updates from the team at ConnectLife I found great comfort in hearing someone was getting the call they so desperately needed. For those few days, the heartbreak was lightened by knowing Rob had given someone else the gift of life. Three organs were successfully transplant into patients in New York and Pennsylvania. We are extremely proud of his generous gifts to others. Our whole family has registered to be donors because of Rob.

Our family remembers him for being an amazing chef. He made the best sauce and meatballs around. We keep his memory alive by keeping all the special things that he brought into our life close to our heart. When our family see these things throughout each day, we know that he is still with us.

Go Bills!

Robert Ryan and daughter

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