Sponsoring a drive is easy (and FREE). Working with your ConnectLife Account Executive, we will help you decide on a date and appropriate location. Once the logistics of your drive are confirmed, ConnectLife will develop and produce all associated marketing materials, including posters, table tents and other handouts needed to generate donors.

ConnectLife will also develop all electronic communications for your drive, including posts and graphics for social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.). From there, promoting your drive is as simple as contacting your potential donors and is typically done through organization-wide emails or other communication systems. ConnectLife can also provide on-site Lunch-and-Learn sessions at no cost to help recruit and educate donors.

During the day of the drive, ConnectLife Sponsors can contribute in any way they feel appropriate. Sponsors who put their own signature style on the particulars of the drive are those who find the most enjoyment during the day. When you mix in the caring personalities of our blood drive team, your donors will actually have FUN during the drive!

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