Flying Bison Brewing Company

Sponsor: Flying Bison Brewing Company

Location: Buffalo, NY
First Blood Drive: June 2020
Potential Lives Saved: 192

When we first contacted Flying Bison for support, they agreed without hesitation. Their willingness to support the local blood supply has impacted the lives of 192 local patients since June. Flying Bison has grown into a regular rotation and a drive that donors look forward to coming to.

"Flying Bison is thrilled to be part of the ConnectLife drives. To be able to help 192 people, so far, with blood collected at the brewery in your (luxurious) bus is a point of pride for all of us. I am a long time blood, plasma and platelet donor and know too well how necessary donations are. I have friends and family in Western NY and in other states who have needed donated blood and other products. ConnectLife is a welcome and necessary asset in our community. Thank you for all that you do." - Tim Herzog, General Manager of Flying Bison Brewing Company

Flying Bison’s next ConnectLife blood drive is on 1/27/21! Click here to sign up.