What information should I include?
Here is some information you may want to include in your letter to the donor's family:

  • Your first name only
  • The state where you live
  • Recognize the donor family and thank them for their gift
  • How long you waited for a transplant and how the wait affected you and your family
  • How the transplant has improved your health and changed your life
  • What has happened in your life since the transplant
  • Mention if you are married, have children, grandchildren, etc.
  • State your hobbies or interests

What information should not be included?

  • Do not include your address, city, or phone number
  • Do not include the name or location of the hospital where your transplant surgery was performed, nor the names of your transplant health care providers
  • Use caution when including religious comments, as you do not know the religion of the donor's family

How can I send the letter to my donor's family?
After you write a letter to the donor's family, place it an unsealed envelope (the correspondence is reviewed for confidentiality) and include a separate sheet of paper with your full name and date of transplant.

Send this information in a separate envelope to:
4444 Bryant and Stratton Way, Williamsville, NY, 14221

ConnectLife will notify the donor's family that there is correspondence from the recipient.
In general, the identities of the donor and the recipient of the organ are confidential, to protect each individual's privacy.

Although there is no law that a donor's family and the organ recipient cannot meet and know each others' names, all organ procurement agencies (such as ConnectLife) maintain the privacy of the donors and recipients.
Will I hear from the donor's family?
You may or may not hear from your donor's family. Some donor families may feel that writing about their loved one and their decision to donate helps them with their grieving. Others choose not to write to the organ recipient.

If the donor's family chooses to respond, they will send a letter to ConnectLife. ConnectLife will forward the correspondence to you.