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Birth Tissue Donation

The Gift of Healing

Following the miracle of life, birth tissue (placenta and umbilical cord) can become a priceless gift with the potential to aid in healing after various types of surgical procedures. While moms cherish the miracle of their new baby, transplant recipients are able to cherish the miracle of healing through the generous decision of the mom to donate her birth tissues.

Who can donate birth tissue?

Any expecting mother with a planned cesarean section delivery is eligible to donate her birth tissue, as long as her physician and hospital are participating members of the ConnectLife Birth Tissue Donation program.

If your physician has not told you about this program and you would like to donate, please contact the ConnectLife Donor Referral Center at (716) 529-4300 ext. 5 to receive further information about our Birth Tissue Donation Program.

Why donate birth tissue?

Tissues found in the placenta have the potential to be used as medical aids. The amnion, the innermost layer of the placenta, is made up of a special combination of cells which makes it unique in the human body. This membrane is comprised of cells whose properties allow it to aid in the healing process of the human body.

Birth Tissue Donation Information


The birth tissue is recovered after the baby is delivered. The process poses no risk to you or your baby.


The donation process requires no additional surgical procedure for you. A routine blood specimen is collected the day of your scheduled cesarean section.


When you consent to birth tissue donation, you answer a series of questions regarding your medical and social history to ensure the safety of the tissue.


There is no cost to you or your family. Any expenses related to birth tissue donation are paid for by ConnectLife.

Please consider this donation opportunity so that, together, we can improve the quality of life for patients in need.

Uses For Your Gift

The amniotic membrane within the placenta has been used for decades to promote healing after surgery. It is used in a wide range of ocular and dental surgical procedures, as well as urological and neurological reconstructive procedures. Tissues derived from the umbilical cord have the potential to help patients suffering from various types of soft tissue injuries. The cord contains a special combination of cells that are known for their anti-scarring, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties.

Amnion is also used in combination with skin grafts for burn victims and on difficult-to-heal wounds such as diabetic foot and leg ulcers. Amnion can reduce pain, inflammation, and scar tissue while also speeding up the recovery process. 

Contact Our Team

If you are a physician/hospital and would like more information on how to get involved with our Birth Tissue Donation Program please contact Rachele Anello, Birth Tissue Coordinator, at, call 716-529-4385, or fill out the Birth Tissue Donation Referral Form below.

Or call ConnectLife's Donor Referral Center at 716-529-4300 to speak with a Family Support Specialist.

For more general questions please contact

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