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Platelet promise donation bag

We promise to save lives because of you.

We promise to make you feel special.

We promise to give thanks to you.


The need for platelet donors is growing. ConnectLife is the only community blood bank in our area, meaning when you donate platelets through ConnectLife - they stay here to save lives at local hospitals.


Platelet donations help blood clot and they provide a lifeline to grateful recipients in Western New York including...

Leukemia and cancer patients, burn victims, people with bleeding disorders, those undergoing cardiac surgery

leukemia & 
cancer patients

those undergoing 
cardiac surgery

burn victims

people with 
bleeding disorders

Find a platelet appointment at four convenient locations across Western New York below


It takes a special kind of person to be a dedicated platelet donor. ConnectLife's Platelet Donor Wall of Fame honors the platelet donors who have made the greatest impact in our community. Listed below are the names of platelet donors and the numbers of donations they have made as of July 2023.

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