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MST school tour photo outside ConnectLife HQ building

ConnectLife Club

Inspiring a future generation of community lifesavers.

The ConnectLife Club is a sponsored, multi-disciplinary program that aims to educate and inspire young adults to increase local blood donations and enrollments on New York’s Donate Life Registry. Students involved in the ConnectLife Club have an opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills. Involvement in the club provides students with skills they can apply in future academic and work-related activities. This club also allows students the opportunity to establish themselves as members of the community through promoting a blood drive, running a donor registry drive, and volunteering at outreach events.

ConnectLife provides partner schools and advisors with interactive webinars and videos, digital and print materials, and individualized support to help achieve club goals and be a resource to educators.

For more information, please contact Pasquale Maggiore at

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Hear From ConnectLife Club Students & Advisors

Anne C., Genesee Valley Central School ConnectLife Club Student

"I've worked with ConnectLife for three years now and in that time, I have gained a substantial amount of respect for the organization and its employees. They have been terrific to work with, always show up with the best attitude, and consistently teach blood donors about the process so they are at ease. There is not another blood bank I would rather work with."

Alathia Y., East Aurora High School Advisor

"I got involved in ConnectLife as an school club advisor about five years ago. I was honored to do it and a memorial to my late brother, who left us to soon. I do this to help others, whether I’m encouraging students to become a blood donor or even organ, tissue and eye donors. It helps save someone’s life, or improve their quality of life. What a gift that is!"

Jane C., Sacred Heart ConnectLife Club Advisor

"Being a part of the ConnectLife Club has motivated me to practice what I preach. I'm a regular blood donor now, and I've enlisted 
a group of friends to donate with me, too. Then together we celebrate by going out to dinner!"

Over 70 Schools Involved Across Western New York

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