Organ Donor Family Services

We value the generosity of families who choose donation. Their decision, and the decision of our donors, helps us continue our mission of educating the community, inspiring donation, and connecting lives.
We recognize that donor families have a variety of needs for bereavement support, contact with transplant recipients, information regarding the donation process, and for opportunities to share their experiences with others.

Committed to Serving Donor Families
As part of our ongoing commitment to donor families, we offer diverse support services and programs. Donor families will receive follow-up letters from ConnectLife expressing our condolences. About a month after the death of a loved one, donor families receive a letter stating how their loved one’s organs and tissue were used. Our counseling staff will then make a follow-up phone call to donor families to provide support and grief counseling services if needed. 
The Family Support Team truly understands what the potential donor's family is going through. Their own experience makes them uniquely qualified to comfort and console, to offer information, and to help the family in any way possible. The team's primary goal is to ensure that families are supported appropriately in their decision making process, no matter what they choose.
Your feedback is very important to us. If you are a donor family that worked directly with ConnectLife staff, please fill out our After Care Evaluation Survey and tell us about your experience working with the ConnectLife team.
Get In Touch With Us
If you have any questions or comments about any of our services or programs, please contact our family services department by phone at 716-529-4476, or submit the form below.

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Not everyone is able to easily write a letter to their donor family. How can you put into words the impact of the generous gift of life? The decision to write is a personal one. In order for you to make the decision, it may be helpful for you to know that donor families have expressed their appreciation for the correspondence they receive from recipients.

 This information is provided for you only if you decide to do so.