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Happy National Donor Day

It's no coincidence that National Donor Day and Valentine's Day are both celebrated on February 14. It's the perfect time to have a heart to heart with your friends and family, and share your wishes to be an organ, eye, and tissue donor.

Have a Heart to Heart With Your Loved Ones

Start the conversation by sharing these adorable Valentine's Day cards with your Valentine and loved ones.

Each picture below is downloadable and shareable.

Print and share a card to show your Valentine your wishes to be a donor.


Download the file below. (Print instruction are on the bottom of the document)

More than 10,000 New Yorkers are currently waiting for an organ transplant.

They could be waiting for kidneys, lungs, hearts, livers, eyes, and tissues.


Share the love in your heart and register as a donor this Valentine’s Day.

And most importantly, share your wishes to be a donor with your friends and family.

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