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Birth Tissue Spotlight: OB/GYN Associates of Western New York

OB/GYN Associates of WNY has worked alongside ConnectLife for almost 10 years offering the #giftofhealing to their scheduled cesarean section expecting mothers through the donation of their birth tissue.

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OB/GYN Associates of WNY provide the highest quality of OB/GYN care, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Their knowledgeable and compassionate staff of experienced specialists, champion this donation program in our WNY community. Their board-certified physicians advocate for this program while scheduling their patients for their upcoming cesarean section surgery.

Physicians such as… Dr. Catherine Falkner, Dr Brian Smith, Dr. Carlos Santos, Dr. Jeffrey Constantine, Dr. Jennifer Rojek, Dr. Afshan Samad, Dr. Amber Krol, Dr. Jennie Dembski, Dr. Virginia Bond, Dr. Brittanny Keeler, and Dr. Taylor Johnson.

Emily Malinowski, Clinical Transformation Manager, has also been a great help championing the birth tissue program within Women's Health and OB/GYN Associates of WNY. Emily has advocated for this program with patients and staff, educating the community about the benefits of birth tissue donation.

Donation is Safe, Confidential, Painless, Free, and Simple

Since teaming up with OB/GYN Associates of WNY, they have referred over 1,700 patients interested in learning more about donation or interested in donating their birth tissue for their up-and-coming surgery.

With this early onset of education, more expecting mothers in our community have the opportunity to help up to 100 people with the donation of their birth tissue.

If you are interested in learning more about birth tissue donation or have questions, please reach out to our Birth Tissue Coordinator: Rachele Anello. 716-529-4385 or

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