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Blood Donor Highlight, Erik Schneider

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

I have donated blood and platelets in the past. After not donating for over four years, I looked back on when I last donated and I decided to start back up again in January of 2021. Now I have successfully donated platelets 37 times! It's been a fun and exciting journey.

Blood, platelet, and double reds are a must need right now. Because ConnectLife keeps all blood in our community, that does influence me to continue donating platelets with them.

My advice for people that want to start donating is just take deep calm breathes, drink plenty of water, make sure your iron levels are good. If you have questions, the ConnectLife team can help you and put you at ease so your donation be a successful one. - Erik Schneider (November 2022)

Has Erik's story inspired you to share your own? Submit your story to be our next hero highlighted as our Blood Donor Highlight here:

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