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Honor Your Hero, Marques Anthony Barker

Updated: Jan 3

Story as told by Marques' mother, Leatrice

Our angel Marques Anthony Barker received his wings on July 20, 2019. He now watches over us all. Marques had a smile that could light up the darkest of nights and enhanced the brightest of days, especially in the rain. He was an unselfish, kind, and loving man who was always willing to help in any way possible.

Even if he had nothing, he’d find some sort of way to give something, even if it meant the shirt off of his back. Marques was a proud father of two boys, and he loved them more than they could’ve ever imagined. He was a devoted son, brother, nephew, friend, and cousin. He’d invest time in his younger cousin teaching him to ride a bike in less an hour!

He was often spending good times laughing, cracking jokes, or just watching a ball game while eating buffalo wings, mac & cheese, and spaghetti, which were his favorite foods. It’s a comfort knowing that Marques’ organs have given others a new lease on life.

Marques generously gave of himself in death just as he did in life, unselfishly.

His right kidney was transplanted into a male in his 50s, and Marques’ left kidney was transplanted into a male in his 70s, both of these recipients are in New York State. Marques’ liver was transplanted into a male in his 30s from New York State, Marques’ right lung was transplanted into a male in his 60s from Pennsylvania, and the precious gift of Marques’ heart was given to a male in his 50s from Tennessee.

In addition to his other gifts, Marques was able to help others through tissue donation - including eye, bone, vertebral bodies, skin, veins, and nerves. Two fortunate individuals have received the gift of sight as both corneas, which are the clear parts at the front of the eye, were used in an International Cornea Transplant Program.

Bless your organ recipients so that:

Yours eyes may see the things you could only dream

Your heart gives and receives unconditional love

Your kidneys purify and Your liver nourishes

May your spirit rest well as your body carries on

We loved this child of God we called Marques, but God loved him more. Marques’ was my hero, and we will honor his life by encouraging others to gift life through organ donation.

Loving you Forever,

Leatrice Hamilton, Your Mother

Watch Marques' hero video to honor his memory during Donate Life Month 2020

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