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Share Your Lifesaving Story With Us!

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Your Story Matters: Inspiring Our Community to Save Local Lives

When you think about it, giving blood may be the biggest impact a person can make on their community. How often are you, an everyday person, put in the position where you can save someone’s life?

Those of us who aren’t first responders, or don’t work in a hospital, or don’t serve our country in the military rarely, if ever, find ourselves in that situation.

But here’s the thing – so many of us are potential lifesavers. Taking an hour out of your day to donate a pint of blood can save three lives right here in Western New York. That’s three people you may never meet who will get more time with loved ones because you rolled up your sleeve and made sure local hospitals have the blood supply they need to keep a critically injured person alive.

Blood Donor and ConnectLife Phlebotomist

The Power of Blood Donation

Within days or weeks of the donor heading home, that blood is going to a real person, making you a part of each other’s lives forever.

That’s why we want to highlight more of the stories of people who received blood – Western New Yorkers who owe their lives to those everyday heroes who donated. We want to talk to them about the gift they received, the impact it’s had on their life, and what they would say to the donor who made it.


Did you receive blood? Tell us about it!

Did someone you know receive it? Encourage them to share!

Your story could be the one that motivates someone out there to donate – and that’s one more donation ready to save someone’s life.


If you want to share, reach out at to help us share stories that celebrate, educate, and inspire as we continue this lifesaving mission in Western New York.


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