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Blood Donor Highlight, Nancy Chu

Nancy Chu with two friends

Personally, I love that the blood donated through ConnectLife stays local. I have donated with the Red Cross in the past, but I know they ship out of our community.

I have worked for Erie County for 27 years and have been a probation officer for 20 years. My passion lies in rescuing and rehoming dogs, in particular chihuahuas, and I currently have four myself. Their names are Jasmine, Cashew, Abbey, and Opal. I also have one cat, Oscie.

My co-workers first inspired me to donate blood at the Erie County blood drives, and I have to admit at first, I was afraid because of the needles. But it honestly doesn’t hurt! Also, I felt good that my donation was going to help someone else. I think of donating as one of the ways I can give back to my community.

Nancy Chu sitting at any event smiling

Recently, I was in a bad car accident and spent two days at ECMC. While I did not need blood, I could have. I have been donating regularly every eight weeks except when I was not able to when I had breast cancer and had to give up donating for five years.

Because it’s the Christmas season, I am even more grateful to be about to donate. I also am proud to say that my husband Mike was a blood donor when he was in the Buffalo Police Department.

Nancy Chu smiling with two kids

I enjoy donating blood because I am type O and a universal donor, and most recently because two of my friends have Leukemia and have needed platelets.

For those who are too afraid to donate, please know that donating blood doesn't hurt. Your donation may be saving a life, a baby, a car accident victim, or even someone you know who is fighting cancer locally.

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